Feb. 15th, 2010 05:42 pm
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Typing this on a brand new laptop =D =D =D

So, I'm now an adult... Yeah, I totally don't feel any different, even though I'm now legally responsible for myself. Eh, I know it's a special birthday, but it feels like any other birthday~

Birthday bablings )

I've got time before dinner, so I'mma go write some fic~

Ja ne~ <3


Apr. 13th, 2008 07:42 pm
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Weeelllll... Thought I'd better start usin' this thing :D

Mornin'/Evenin'/Afternoon to all of you out there *waves*

Sooo.. My day? Well I've just had Pina Colada and coconut ice-cream ^-^ Don't worry, alcohol free. But then again what with being ADHD and all the sugar in it is doing pretty much the same thing. -.- Heaven forbid what would happen if I ever got drunk....
But anyway, this ice-cream was pretty much the best ice-cream I've ever tasted. Took me like half an hour to eat it, but it was so good ^-^
And I've just rambled about ice-cream... Ok, no more sugar for me.

Well, my mother is officially mad. She proved it today. We were sat, perfectly normally, eating popcorn when she started giving our dog (Pip) some of my brother's fruit pastilles. Not that that's bad enough... But she then starts going "Look, look." and when I turn around she shoots a piece of popcorn out of her mouth half way across the room for the dog to chase. She then starts laughing hysterically while I look on like "Wahhh?" Eventually she calms down enough to shout "Peashooter! No, popcornshooter!" and goes back to laughing. And proceeds to spend the next half an hour shooting popcorn at Pip... Yeah, and people wonder where I get my madness from

Ok, so it's holidays at the moment so my family starts getting the "We must do family things!" bug -.- So I get dragged out a few days back along with my brother (14), mother, father and dog down to the sea front town to do 'family things'. It's a nice, sunny day and I think 'What the heck, let's have some fun' ^-^ So once there we meet up with my other brother (11), his friend and his friend's mum and my auntie, two young cousins and their dog. And we wander around for a while and finally come across a place with go-carts. Not little wooden things, oh no, proper motor, petrol-driven go-carts. Of course, I end up being roped into racing my 14 year old brother and my younger brother's friend around this track XD So I get into this moderately sized go-cart and manage to work the controls and heck, I win XP
But that's not the best thing, oh no. My brother's sore about gettin' beat so we go back and have another race, just me and him, and I win again ^-^ Guess I'm just a better driver than he is.
Then we took the dog to the field and found a play area, where I, as usual, was forced to push the roundabout for the children. They had fun, until I whacked my leg and ended up swearing in Japanese, scaring several of them XD
Well after that, we got donuts and then went to an arcade for a bit of fun. I failed completely at the dance machine (twice XP) and then got dragged into playing a shooting game by my dad. A shooting game of all things. I agreed, but when I got over there I found out that he expected me to lift this massive machine gun and shoot things with it. It killed my arm! -.- Really heavy for a plastic thing. I did quite well on the game though XD
Then we got ice creams. A day at the beach aint a day at the beach without ice creams ^-^

So all in all, I had fun ^-^ Though the next day I had killer pains in my arm and leg, pulled muscles. But I’m all better now.

There ya go, a day in the life of Mary ^-^

Oh, XD I thought I'd also share a little scene with ya'll. So last night my mum goes "What flavour milkshake do you want" She was making milkshakes for some obscure reason...  And I replied "Purple." No, I had no idea where my mind was considering she wasexpecting either strawberry or banana. So I backtracked and went "Eh? I meant strawberry." So she brings me in this cup later on and I take a sip then look at her funny. You see it tasted strawberry, but it was purple XD She'd put food colouring in it.
Yet another reason my mother is mad.

G'night all.


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