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Title: Okaeri
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Not written with any in mind, other than some definate hinted Gin/Ran.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some language (Renji XD)
Summary: Once a year, everyone returnes to their 'home' in a tradition older than most of them.
Word count: 5760 (O.o)
Diclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo, I just like to play with his characters.
Author's notes: Dedicated to Cee and Antha, 'cause they need a pick-me-up and I loves them ^-~
Tadaima and Okaeri are a formulaic phrase said when someone returns home, they can be translated to "I'm home" and "Welcome back" respectively. This fic came to me a while back when I was looking for a way to use "Tadaima!" "Okaeri!" in a fic. I really do like this one, and I've actually managed to include pretty much all of the characters :D
Italics mean thought.
And yes, lame title is lame, I know.


Okaeri )


- Mary

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Title: You learn something new every day
Pairing: Hisagi Shuuhei/Kira Izuru
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash pairing
Summary: Hearing that familiar voice just around the corner, Hisagi couldn't help but follow.
Promt: Western Culture
Author's notes: Well, this is my first ever ShuuKira, so I hope I got them both right. This is also my first ever fic set in first person present. I swear, I didn't start it that way, but Shuu took over XD
Also, this is fluff like I've never written before XD I blame Antha and Cee's influence.


You learn something new every day )
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Theme set: Apha
Pairing: Ichimaru Gin/Kira Izuru
Rating: 15 +
Warnings: slash pairing, referrences to sex, possible mild BDSM reference in two promts.
Author's notes: I haven't set a genre because these flit rather randomly between humour and angst, so it's a mix of everything really. There are a few that obviously imply sex, but nothing I'd consider too explicit. But if you think the rating should be higher, ping me please ^-^
I really do like these. My favourites are 44, 45, 29, 27 and 9. I'm sure you'll see why ^-~ 
Written for [info]1sentence


50 sentences under here )


Which are your favourites? ^-^
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Title: Lonely Nights
Pairing: Gin/Izuru
Rating: G
Warnings: Yaoi pairing. Slight implied Gin/Rain, Ran/Shuu, Ai/Gin and Hinamori/Aizen
Summary: When Izuru's away, Gin can't seem to play
Disclaimer: Bleach and all associated characters are the propert of Tite Kubo
A/N: Written for promt 2 Jealousy at [info]7snogs
I finally managed to write fluff-esque, happy Gin/Izu! Yatta! *cough* Pleace enjoy this short fic-let *grin*

Lonely Nights )

Comments appreciated ^-^

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Title: Changes and Stability
Pairing: Gin/Izuru
Vague references to sex, angsty-ish, yaoi pairing
Summary: To Kira, a uniform means many things.
Bleach and all associated characters belongs to Tite Kubo
A/N: Written for promt 1 Uniform at [info]7snogs

Changes and Stability )


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