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Merry Christmas Guys!

Hope you all have/had an awesome day! =D

Now, since I haven't really got anything prepared for today, in the spirit of the season, how about I open up some drabble requests?

Anyone can request, any pairing or none, from any of my fandoms (which includes Star Trek, Ama ^-~), and any prompt. Go on guys :3 Depending on how the muse treats your prompt, you may get long fic or a short drabble XD I'll try and keep most of them under a 1000 words, and hopefully get them done before New years haha...


*returns to watching her new TOS box sets =D*
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Why hello there :D 
Well, this shall be very rambling and quite long as I have once again been away for far too long -.- But, I have a real reason this time XD

Okay, so lets get the bad over and done with first, shall we?

Y'see, the dog decided to break my laptop. How you ask? Mother put my headphones on the keyboard and tilted the lid shut while I was out of the room. The dog then jumped on the lid, slamming it shut on top of my headphones. Luckily, only the screen is busted and the rest of it still works, so I'm not too mad. However I have been waiting for a while to get it fixed. Which was supposed to happen today, but father forgot to take it with him. 
So instead I have the use of father's business laptop so I can finally catch up with you guys :D
Of course, this means that I've been able to get very little writing done recently -.- So until it's fixed and I can lock myself up with it again, there probably wont be any updates.

Also going in the bad section because I got hurt, even though it's fairly amusing, is what happened at a party I was at.
You ever played Twister with five people at once? It's fun XD What wasn't fun was getting kicked in the ribs when Em's brother tried to get his foot on the red splot beside me. 
So yeah, Twister injury ^-^

And The Good? Lots of things.

First off, Waterstones finally ordered in the second half of Ceres for me (9-14), so now I know what happens there after months of waiting.

Also on the topic of fandoms... Lately I've been watching Avatar: the last airbender. ^-^
I like it XD Aang and Katara irritate me sometimes when they dance around each other, and I usually end up yelling at Zuko, but Sokka's always good for a laugh ^-^ Toph is... Toph XD She and Katara amuse me when they fight though :D
Oh, and Uncle Iroh (Or however you spell it) is definitely a favourite character of mine ^-^
I'm on Book 3 chapter 11, but again that had to stop when laptop died -.- But it's possible I can get it on here :D

Onto another topic now... Me and games :D
Let's see... Well my youngest brother got a Wii for Christmas but I've only recently been attempting to play it. Why? Because I'm hopeless at all the new games XD
Anyway, back on topic.
I've recently begun playing it, because we have a Wii-fit. Yeah :D It is actually fun, even though I fail completely at hula-hooping and jogging. Good at step aerobics though ^-^ And the balance games. My wii-fit age is a year off mine, which is good, but apparently I'm a little over-weight for my height. Hm, must exercise more. 
It amuses me, because it tells you off if you don't go on it often enough. In a squeaky voice. XD
I'm continually terrified of the remote flying off my arm and hitting someone ^-^'
But Smash Brothers is fun. And beating up Link with Pikachu is pretty hilarious :D

Oh right, and the Fangirl-ly?
Well, Mother has discovered that ITV now runs a free bingo on which you can possibly win a lot of money. So of course she has dragged me into it each night. They announce the winners on the programme, names and where they are in the country. 
So the other night we were watching and someone won. When the name came up I had to laugh as I found out that Kouran had won the full house ^-^
I didn't see where she lived though XD

And, I think that'll do. Now, I'mma go catch up on all the entries I've missed.
Catch ya'll later.
Mary ^-^

P.S: I have just discovered that the 'cheerful' mood icon cracks me up XD
I'm out. *waves*


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