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Birthdate:Feb 15
Oh hey.
If you're here then you've probably seen me hanging in one of the Fushigi Yuugi/Bleach/Burimyu/writing/language learning communities. (And those probably tell you quite a bit about me ^-^)

This is the personal journal of Magic_in_flames where I post my day-to-day (or month-to-month ^-^') rambles. I'm a 6th form English Language, 17th century History, German and Psychology student who curses the fact that she's mad enough to try and learn two new languages and more about her own at the same time, as I also study Japanese on my own.
I'm a writer who feels she has a fairly good grasp of grammar, ect but desperately needs more practice.

Hey, I'm not that scary (unless you catch me in cosplay or squeeing over a recent fandom related thing) and I'm pretty fun, ADHD... Just your average fangirl really ^-^
So, if you wanna friend me, go right ahead. Most things here, unlesss they're uber private things, are non-flocked anyway ^-^

See ya,
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