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Dear Author~

Thank you so much for taking up one of my requests :3

Things I like:
Angst and H/C are my favourite genres, but I really prefer that angst ends happily or at least resolved. Hurt/Comfort with heavy emphasis on both sides (hurt them as much as you like, just comfort them equally~) is my absolute favourite. I also enjoy fluff, humour, pwp, slice-of-life, introspection, or more plotty things. I'm pretty easy to please.

If you decide to go the sex route, I'm also fairly easy to please. If you don't want to write kink, I really enjoy slow, tentative first time!sex (when it's IC, of course) or just.. sex. Any sexy times are good sexytimes, right? ;) If you're happy to write kink, I really enjoy most aspects of BDSM (bondage, orgasm denial, power exchange, rough sex, roleplayed dub-con in particular). My absolute favourite kink is spanking (with whatever you like; hands, paddles, whips, canes, all are good), whether it's playful or discipline. Dub-con is fine in most pairings, though I do often prefer consensual sex.

Things I don't like/triggers:
I get triggered badly by suicide, ED and sudden mentions of self-harm. You can use self-harm in your story but please warn me going in and please don't take it all the way to suicide. I also have triggers surrounding bullying and would like to be warned if that is in your story. I can deal with having bullying there so long as it's not too graphic.

I am squicked by scat, watersports and medical/needle play (though describing someone getting a tattoo is fine). I would only like non-con with certain pairings (Nakago/Hotohori and Atem/Thief King Bakura, though I would very much like dub-con with either of them, too)

I would like to request no non-canon character death (though you are welcome to hurt them in many other ways) and I dislike incorrectly represented BDSM and character bashing. I would also not like any sex between characters who are younger than 15.

Specific prompts:

Kaiba Seto/Mutou Yuugi
Bakura Ryou/Malik Ishtar
Bakura Ryou/Thief King Bakura
Pharaoh Atem/Thief King Bakura
Thief King Bakura/Kisara

With Seto/Yuugi, anything goes. I would like to see relationship building post-canon, but I'm happy with anything here.
Ryou/Malik - I would love some h/c angst. Maybe related to Malik's scars or Ryou's. Sweet fluff or learning to trust each other, maybe, or learning what they both like and will permit in sex.
Ryou/Thief King, Thief King/Kisara - happy with anything here, again.
Atem/Thief King - I'd love dub or non-con with these two, maybe with TKB trying to infiltrate the palace and getting caught.

Fushigi Yuugi:


I would honestly just love anything for FY. Chichiri/Tasuki post-canon is something I've always loved, seeing how the two of them overcome obstacles in their relationship and grow closer. Nakago/Hotohori I mainly like smut for, with dub or non-con with how Nakago is. Kouji/Tasuki, maybe something pre-canon? I have read the fan-translation of Tasuki's novel, but you don't have to keep to that canon. Slice-of-life while the team is traveling together will be very loved.


Hisagi Shuuhei/Muguruma Kensei
Inoue Orihime/Kuchiki Rukia
Hisagi Shuuhei/Kuchiki Byakuya
Kira Izuru/Madarame Ikkaku

With bleach, I quite like seeing the warriors train together or just daily life around Seireitei, juggling a relationship with their duties. I'm all up to date, so feel free to take the recent angst potential in the manga and run with it~ With Shuuhei/Byakuya, it's another of my mainly-smut pairings (maybe secret meetings between noble and peasant) But really, run with whatever you like :3

Persona 4:

Amagi Yukiko/Satonaka Chie
Shirogane Naoto/Tatsumi Kanji (Persona 4)
Kujikawa Rise/Shirogane Naoto
Ichijo Kou/Nagase Daisuke
Hanamura Yosuke/Tatsumi Kanji

P4 is another fandom I'm fine with anything for. I'd love to see the teens slowly exploring relationships and their own sexuality just as much as I'd love sweet, fluffy Investigation Team shenanigans. Go with whatever you like.

Thank you very much and I look forward to whatever you write <3
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