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There's recently been two one sentence fic challenges over at [ profile] bleach_muses and I thought I'd organise my sentences together :3

Title: One sentence fic
Fandom: Bleach
Pairings: Gin/Kira, Kensei/Shuuhei
Rating: PG-13 through NC-17
Warnings: mentions of; gore, BDSM, D/s, self harm, bloodplay, leather kink, prostitution
Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo and related companies, I just like to play with his characters. However, the song is my own creation.
Summary: collection of the sentences I wrote for the challenges at [ profile] bleach_muses
Author's notes: Didn't actually get to write as many as I wanted to, but I'm pleased with what I have~

Snare Gin/Kira, mild gore, PG-13
Gin, as a child, had liked to set traps for rabbits - the flash as the steel jaws closed around pliable bone, the crunch, and the squeal of the rabbit - he liked to study they way they fought frantically to escape, even mutilating themselves to achieve that purpose; as an adult, Gin found it most curious that the rabbit he had trapped came willingly, with the mildest coercion, even through all the pain his poor, blue-eyed boy suffered at his hands.

Restraint Kensei/Shuuhei, BDSM, PG-15
Shuuhei was bound by many restraints in his day-to-day life - remnants of Tousen's teachings, half forgotten but never banished, 'correct' office behaviour, habits formed by a long time serving in the Gotei 13 - so many, in fact, that he found an almost poetic undertone to his slow submission - giving up each of those restraints, one by one, to the one person strong enough to take the burden for him - to the one person he trusted enough to take those away and return restraints much easier to deal with; black bindings wrapping around his wrists and ankles, shining counterpoint to the sweat beading his skin as he strained, holding him down to the bed as Kensei teased him slowly, working his fukutaichou up into such a frenzy that those everyday worries were far from his mind.

Torment Gin/Kira, elements of D/s, PG-15
Torment, Gin thought absently, toying with Shinsou's blade - his finger against the tip but never piercing his skin - was beautiful: the look in Izuru's eyes as he stared up at him from where he knelt, naked - naughty pets weren't allowed clothes, after all - and bound was absolutely delicious; Izuru knew exactly what that blade could do, and how quickly it could do it, the waiting simply pushing his tension to ever more magnificent levels - the fact that Izuru was also writhing in the agony of indecision, trying to make himself decide that he hated this, made it so sweet it was almost painful.

Blood Gin/Kira, bloodplay, NC-17
It was taboo, it was 'wrong', it was delicious, it was fun: all thoughts running through Gin's mind as he watched the droplets - shining, beautifully formed - run down Izuru's body from the cut just under his jugular - the most dangerous, the most fun -; smiling that wide smile, almost a smirk, that made Izuru shiver and moan, the first sound he'd made, Gin dipped his head to clean that taboo from pure skin.

Leather Kensei/Shuuhei, implications, PG-13
Kensei saw the look in the kid's eyes when he pulled the old leather gloves out of a forgotten box, raising an eyebrow at him as Shuuhei's eyes followed them, the slight smirk on the younger's face promising wicked things to come.

Leather (follow-up) Kensei/Shuuhei, explicit sex, kink, NC-17
Shuuhei moaned as Kensei slid a finger into his mouth; the brunette swirled his tongue around the digit, the taste of the leather filling his mouth, the feeling of his tongue against the material different but no less welcome to the rougher feeling of it pressed up against his cock as the older man stroked him slowly - Kensei had never dreamed Shuuhei would react this way.

razor edge Shuuhei, Tousen, self harm, PG-15
When everyone returned to Soul Society after the bloodshed of the Winter War there were very few comments at how Shuuhei began wearing sleeves, everyone simply assuming the reminder of his previous captain had been too much and no-one wanting to ask questions and remind him again, least of all the man taking his place; no-one saw the new, symmetrical scars, each meticulously planned, each releasing the brunette from another day lived in that deep, debilitating guilt - though no matter how much blood he drew, he could never seem to wash away Tousen-taichou's from his hands.

razor edge (follow-up) Kensei/Shuuhei, implied BDSM, PG-15
When Kensei finally caught sight of the brunette's arm - Shuuhei had been leaning on his chin when Kensei walked in suddenly - he had been horrified to see the tell-tale scars, immediately grabbing Shuuhei's wrist when he tried to hide them and demanding an explanation; after hearing that Shuuhei's explanation that he 'needed' it to function, the vaizard had pulled Shuuhei in close, his grip tightening until it hurt, and whispered; "If you need shit like that, kid, then let me give it to you; I know better when to stop than you do."

Brothel Kensei/Shuuhei, Real world AU, prostitution, PG-15
Kensei had told Shinji repeatedly that he didn't want to do this, that, no matter what the blonde said, he didn't need to, even if everyone else they worked with had - "Who's ever heard of a bodyguard who's a virgin?" was Shinji's argument - after all, he wasn't after the sort of whores they provided here; after walking into the room and seeing the brunette stretch languorously and fix him with that sultry pout, Kensei decided that maybe this wouldn't be so bad: if this 'Shuu' made good on the promise unspoken in the tattoo on his face, maybe Kensei would thank Shinji for setting him up - he'd ask how the blonde knew he was gay later.

Spiders Gin/Kira, PG-13
Gin took a sadistic glee in squashing any spiders he saw, the same applying to anything small he saw, really; Izuru was always assured that he was "cute", not "icky" like the spiders had been - but 'cute' things were kept in cages and played with occasionally; Izuru could never work out which eventuality had been worse.

Whisper Kensei/Shuuhei, D/s, NC-17
Kensei seemed a man much more used to shouting, indeed reverted to it most days when running his division, but the steady string of orders whispered gruffly into Shuuhei's ear at night - "You wanna be fucked?" Kensei nipped his ear, tongue slowly teasing the sensitive skin as Shuuhei shuddered; "Then keep yourself still for me," - always gained immediate obedience from the brunette, - "Fuck, Shuu, arch up like that again, you look so fucking sexy," - never failed to make him hotter than anything he'd ever felt before, - "Breathe, Shuuhei, and don't you dare come until I say you can," - and left him, every time, a boneless heap curled up in Kensei's arms - he smiled softly, stroking a hand through messy brown hair, and whispered fondly; "Lie still and go to sleep now, brat."


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