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Title: Solace of a Penitent Soul
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Gin/Kira
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Elements of a 24/7 D/s relationship, some non-graphic violence, sex between two men
Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo and related companies, I just like to play with his characters
Summary: Izuru knew breaking the rules had consequences. Gin’s punishments were always harsh, but forgiveness came swiftly afterwards.
Author's notes I am rather nervous about posting up this fic. It's one I've been working on for quite a while and has some themes that, well, you read the warnings. Everything is entirely consensual though.

Izuru knew something was wrong the moment he entered the office; senses tuned for years immediately screaming at him. The soft snick of the door sliding shut behind him only served to confirm his fears.

“Mornin’ Izuru.” Izuru froze at the dangerous purr, trying to stay trembling hands. I wish he wouldn’t wait so long. I never know when it will happen.

He didn’t turn, knowing he wasn’t allowed to move, but the quiet thud of his captain’s feet echoed loudly in the silent room.

“So tense.” Izuru couldn’t help the shudder when his captain’s whisper ghosted across the back of his neck.

“Tell me, Izuru.” It didn’t sound like a command, but Izuru knew it was one he couldn’t ignore. With the dark presence of his captain to his back, he swallowed. I know where he is, but I don’t know what he’s doing. Is that better or worse?

“W-what do you want me to tell you, Ichimaru-taichou?” It came out as a stuttered, hoarse whisper no matter how hard Kira tried. He could almost feel Gin’s smile grow behind him.

“Mm,” he murmured, one cold hand snaking up to play down Izuru’s side. “How ‘bout why it is that yer shaking. Feelin’ a little guilty maybe?”

Izuru was grateful for the prodding. At least now he knew this wasn’t entirely play.

“I stayed too long at Matsumoto-san’s party and came in at midday yesterday.” he whispered, fear curling in the pit of his stomach along with a somewhat misplaced feeling of relief; they could finally get this done.

“Tha’s right.” The hand was joined by another, one on each of Izuru’s shoulders, and they slowly slipped inside the uniform, pulling gently until the coarse fabric slid silently from Izuru’s shoulders to hang at his wrists.

“Ya been a bad boy, haven’t ya Izuru.”

Izuru shivered as the cold air hit him. That soft almost question made his breath catch in his throat, dread suddenly washing over him. With the fabric around his wrists Gin might as well have cuffed him.

Then again, there really wasn’t any need to.

Izuru inhaled sharply as the fingers of one cool hand dug into his left shoulder. He heard the soft chuckle and then yelped as the other hand fisted in his hair, yanking his head back sharply. Everything sounded louder now, the beating of his heart, his ragged breath, the pounding in his ears… Every sense going into overdrive.

Gin stared into frightened blue eyes and smirked. Izuru looked back and knew that this was going to hurt.

“Ya know the rules?” There was a pause, though it still wasn’t a question.

“Yes.” Izuru tried hard to resist licking his lips under the possessive stare of his captain. His eyes were open now and Izuru had never decided yet if that was better or worse. He could feel his neck beginning to ache and a similar pain throbbing at the base of his skull, but he kept still.

“Good. Make sure ya remember ‘em.” With that, Gin let go. Izuru didn’t move. Gin laughed and Izuru shivered - shivering was all right, that was allowed.

His head was tilted back slowly until he was looking at his captain’s desk. Izuru couldn’t breathe, the long fingers on his throat making a tangle of emotions race through him.

It was infinitely worse when Gin’s hands left him. The man could be as silent as a fox when he wanted to be and unless Gin stepped into his narrow field of vision Izuru could neither see nor hear him. He knew where he’d be though, in the blind spot caused by his hair.

Gin stepped back and viewed his precious boy. He made such a pretty picture; perfect posture, every limb rigid, staring straight ahead and already flushed. His hands were trembling, but that was to be expected; he knew he was in trouble after all.

“Shut your eyes, Izuru.” He had to stop himself from jumping as the voice whispered in his left ear. Izuru felt momentary satisfaction at having predicted just one move in this complicated game and closed his eyes quickly.

Every order was to be obeyed.

They wouldn’t need a blindfold. Izuru had been trained not to need the restraints either. Although, would he still want to play after this? Oh, Izuru knew the rules; Gin knew that, just as he knew the punishment was appropriate to the crime. It was simply time to transition to the next level was all, and with Gin things never moved slowly.

Izuru managed not to react when the hands tugged at his hakama ties. He had no control over the wild jumping of his heart though.

Gin’s lithe fingers had no trouble at all with the complicated knots and the heavy fabric slipped from Izuru’s hips, followed a moment later by the clothes around his wrists. He lifted his feet when the clothes around them were tugged on, letting them be moved away. It was silly that he felt so much more exposed now, Izuru told himself firmly; the cloth would never prove much of a barrier to Gin anyway.

He couldn’t see, he couldn’t move, and his captain’s reiatsu was spiking, growing to overwhelm his own already subdued power. Izuru knew he should be terrified, should bolt and run while he had the chance. He knew he should do so many things and yet couldn’t bring himself to even contemplate a single one.

Izuru flinched as a single finger ran down his spine, sending shivers radiating out across his body.

“Oh, Izuru, relax a little.” Even Gin’s soft voice sounded loud in the silent room. He paused for second. “Open your eyes.” Izuru obeyed instantly and Gin turned his head so he could look into his gaze.

“You don’t think I’m gonna hurt you, do ya?” He almost sounded surprised. And amused. Definitely amused.

Izuru managed a short, humourless laugh. “I don’t think you will, taichou. I know you’re going to hurt me.” He was proud that his voice didn’t shake once. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. Izuru thought, a smile twitching his lips for a moment as he remembered the strange proverb Renji often spouted right before some inane behaviour.

Gin had to struggle to keep his face blank as he watched the emotions play in his Izuru’s eyes. Fear flickered for a moment to be suddenly replaced with such trust that Gin wondered briefly if it was justified.

“Oh?” Gin did sound surprised now, but Izuru knew he was not. “An’ how’s that make ya feel?” Izuru could feel Gin’s hand hovering an inch from his skin. He took a moment and thought.

“Safe.” The word slipped out before he knew what he was saying. Gin quirked an eyebrow.

“You know, sometimes I really don’ know what to do with you.” he murmured, hands beginning their journey down from Izuru’s shoulders to the curve just above his arse, spider like touches leaving goose bumps in their wake. “Ya like bein’ hurt?”

“Not… Not in this way…” Izuru trailed off in an attempt to define himself; usually his hands would be windmilling as he searched for the words but just now they were still. Gin snickered, but he ignored it. “I just… I know I kinda deserve it…”

“Kinda?” Gin grinned, struck by just how adorable his Izuru could be when floundering.

“Yeah, ok, I do deserve it.” He laughed nervously. “I guess it’s a… a bit of a… a relief.” Izuru’s voice got quieter and quieter so that he barely whispered the last word. Gin laughed and turned his head back to where it had been with the hand still holding Izuru’s chin.

“Close ‘em again.” Izuru didn’t need to ask what he meant.

There was nothing for a minute or two, no contact, no noise. Izuru strained his ears to their limit, trying to hear the tiniest sound, but his captain had never slipped up yet. He knew he was still trembling and desperately wished he could stop the shaking in his hands.

The sting of cold steel set against his neck froze him instantly, every muscle tensing in an effort not to attract the sharp edge of the blade, not daring even to breathe.

Gin couldn’t stop a soft chuckle. “What do ya think, Izuru? What should your punishment be?” He increased the pressure of Shinsou a fraction, not yet enough to draw blood from the soft skin of Izuru’s neck.

Izuru wasn’t sure how he was expected to think in that situation; it was all he could do to breathe, shallow breaths confined to his chest. “I-I don’t know, taichou.”

“Hm? Can’t ya concentrate like this?” Gin asked lightly. He withdrew the blade slowly, knowing it left a burning trail in its wake. “How ‘bout now? Better?”

“Y-yeah. Thank you, taichou.” His captain was stood behind him now with a naked blade; was that better? Izuru was cold all over, and he wasn’t sure if it was just from his state of dress either.

“You’re always so polite, Izuru.” Gin murmured, circling the top of Izuru’s spine with the pad of his thumb. Izuru shivered from the contact. “Now.” Gin set the blade along Izuru’s spine, pressing slightly into the skin. “Answer the question.”

“I…” Izuru hesitated, searching desperately for an answer. “I don’t think I can.” he whispered, knowing already what Gin would do next.

“Really?” Gin laughed softly. “Tha’s too bad.”

He moved so fast that Izuru didn’t even register the blade leaving his skin before it had slashed his right side. Izuru flinched and gasped, snapping his mouth shut on the sound and forcing himself to stand still. The cut was no deeper than a paper cut, but a drop of blood slowly beaded on the edge and slid down over Izuru’s thigh.

“Ahh, now look what you made me do.” Gin whined, bending down to lick the blood from pale skin. “But ya did do well, staying in place like that.” Izuru was rewarded with a quick kiss, the metallic tang of his own blood mingling with the familiar taste of Gin’s mouth.

His heart thudded as the kiss broke, dulled senses able to feel Gin just beyond him, mind racing as he tried to find an answer to the impossible question.

“Look at me, Izuru. An’ tell me what you want.” Izuru did as he was told, opening heavy eyes to meet sharp ones, and suddenly knew exactly what his captain wanted to hear.

“I want you… to punish me.”

As soon as the words left him, Izuru half regretted them. But Gin smiled then and he knew he had the right answer.

“Anything I give, you’ll accept?” Gin already knew the answer to that question, but Izuru nodded anyway.


Gin closed Izuru’s eyes himself this time, gently lowering his eyelids with two of his fingers, and slipped behind him again.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, is it Izuru?” Gin asked, running cold fingers in complex patterns over Izuru’s shoulders.

“No, taichou. It’s the third.” Izuru answered slowly, feeling the tickling trails left by Gin stop as he replied and wishing they‘d continued; they had been somewhat relaxing. He somehow felt more in control now; even though the situation was no longer under his command - hadn’t been from the start - but he knew what was going to happen. His fear made his stomach churn, but worse was the sharp sting of knowing he had broken a rule, the sting that had been there since yesterday, growing worse the longer Gin ignored it.

“Tha’s right, tha’s right.” Gin murmured, stepping flush to Izuru’s body, chest pressing into his back. “Which hand do you drink with?” he whispered into Izuru’s ear, watching as his head jerked slightly.

“My left.” Izuru whispered back, hoarse in the sudden clarity of his thought.

“I think,” Gin continued, his hand encircling Izuru’s arm at the elbow and slowly sliding down to grip his wrist. “That we’ll have to teach those naughty fingers a proper lesson this time, won’t we?”

Izuru squeezed his eyes shut tighter as Gin brought his left hand up in front of his body from its position at his side. “Y-yes.” he stuttered, fear gripping him almost as tightly as Gin at this last moment.

“Hold on to me.” Gin whispered, almost inaudible, as he brought his other arm around to surround Izuru from the other side. Izuru gratefully grabbed a handful of Gin’s hakama with his free hand, closing it in his fist and willing himself to concentrate more on that as he swallowed rapidly.

“You can scream if you want to.” Gin murmured, driving Shinsou through Izuru’s trembling left hand and then fastening a hand across his mouth in the same movement.

Izuru did scream, the sound muffled by Gin’s hand, his head pulled to the side away from the view of his hand if he did open his eyes. He kept them closed, tightly shut as tears leaked out from underneath and he whimpered into Gin’s hand, white hot pain flaring up his arm.

“Good boy.” Gin murmured. He finally grasped Shinso’s hilt and removed it, one quick motion that caused another cry. He dropped his zanpakuto and ran a finger over the wound, murmuring a modified healing kidou spell as he did. The wound sealed, leaving a scar too light for the injury, and the pain faded a little.

“I’m gonna take my hand away in a moment.” Gin said softly, listening to Izuru’s harsh breathing. “Ready?” Izuru nodded, eyes still closed, and managed to hold back his whimpering moans himself when Gin slowly took his hand away. “You can open your eyes.”

Izuru breathed in deeply before he did, trying to keep back the tears gathered in the corners of his eyes, and turned to face Gin, twisting out of his arms. “I-I’m sorry, t-taichou.” he whispered, eyes on the ground. “Sorry I stayed o-out and was l-late.”

“S’okay, Izuru.” Gin murmured, wrapping his arms around Izuru’s shoulders and pulling him into his embrace. He was shaking, his entire body trembling. “I forgive ya.” Gin began to rub slow circles on Izuru’s back. “Hush now, s’over. Ya can cry if ya wanna, I’ve told you that before.” he added, running a hand through Izuru’s hair.

Izuru choked back a sob as Gin’s cool fingers brushed over his head and tangled the strands of his hair, hiding his face in Gin’s uniform. He didn’t want to cry, it was over now, but he could never help it. Izuru knew Gin could feel the tears soaking through his uniform and wished he couldn’t.

“Let it out, Izuru. You’ll calm down a lot quicker if ya do.” Izuru slowly flexed his injured hand, hissing as he did. Gin’s kidou hadn’t healed the wound, merely closed it, and it still hurt whenever he moved his hand. He closed his eyes again, taking deep, shuddering breaths as he finally let the tears flow unhindered, clutching Gin’s haori with his uninjured hand and sobbing softly, shattering, breaking in Gin’s tight grip.

It had hurt, it was true, and did still, but the tears weren’t entirely for that. Gin knew, even if Izuru didn’t, that they were a way of release. Yesterday afternoon had been spent almost in silence, Izuru working frenziedly to catch up on the morning’s work, worrying his bottom lip as he waited for Gin to say something, anything, about his tardiness. And now he was letting out those feelings of guilt .

Gin continued to play with Izuru’s hair, petting the golden strands as he ran his fingers through them, comforting him, reassuring him that he was completely forgiven. His other hand rubbed slow circles over Izuru’s trembling back, calming the shaking shoulders as he listened to the sobs growing fainter, replaced by quiet sniffs and heaving breaths.

After a while he tugged gently at Izuru’s hair to tilt his head back, ducking his head to press a soft kiss to his lips. “You’re a good boy really,” he whispered against Izuru’s lips, waiting a second before kissing the tear tracks, catching the salty teardrops on his tongue. “Ya just make mistakes sometimes.” Izuru shuddered, standing up on his toes to catch Gin’s mouth again, pressing harder into this kiss than the last. Gin indulged him, letting him push against him for a moment before slipping his hands around Izuru’s waist and sliding them both to the floor, pulling Izuru into his lap.

It sent cold air rushing over Izuru’s body when Gin moved and he pressed against him again, wrapping his legs around Gin’s waist. Gin graced him with one of his true smiles, taking the injured hand in his own and stroking gently over the new scar. It hurt at first, and Izuru winced, but he let Gin continue and slowly his fingers began to feel good over the abused skin.

“Hurts?” Gin asked softly, finding Izuru’s gaze with his own.

“Yeah. Not so bad now.” Izuru breathed, finding himself resisting the urge to blink under that look.

“You gotta behave, Izuru.” Gin warned, lifting the injured hand to gently kiss the wound.

“I know. I don’t mean to misbehave.” Izuru murmured, offering him a small smile.

“I know you don’t. Ya gonna work on that, for me.” It wasn’t entirely a question, but Izuru nodded and Gin stroked his hair again, Izuru smiling happily as he leaned into the touch. He hated it when Gin was angry with him, more so when Gin didn’t say anything, just watched with that fake smile. Izuru breath hitched again and he swallowed, refusing to start crying again, not now. Gin just smiled and leant down to kiss him again, distracting him from those thoughts.

“Over now.” he murmured, shifting Izuru in his arms with a soft smirk, trailing kisses down his neck. Izuru sniffed, and then gasped softly as Gin bit his neck at the sound, his fingers tightening in Gin’s uniform. “No more crying.” Sliding his arms around him, Gin picked Izuru up and carried him over to his desk, sitting down in his chair and settling Izuru back in his lap.

“Okay.” Izuru whispered shakily, straddling Gin’s waist now. He moaned softly as Gin’s fingers explored his chest, tugging gently at one of his nipples and exploiting every sensitive spot he knew the blonde had. Stroking slowly over a spot he knew was slightly ticklish rewarded him with a gasp and a barely repressed, breathless laugh. Gin grinned, leaning down to tease that spot with his tongue, his blonde moaning and writhing in his grip.

“Taichou,” Izuru breathed, tugging gently at his captain’s hair. “Please can I touch you, taichou? Please.” Gin glanced up with a gentle grin - as far as any smile of his could be called gentle - and sat up far enough to shrug out of his haori.

“You can.” he murmured, brushing Izuru’s fringe out of the way briefly before leaning down again and fastening his mouth around one of the blonde’s nipples, sucking gently and teasing with his tongue. Izuru gasped at the contact, sliding his hands into Gin’s top with a low moan, pushing the fabric off his shoulders to run his fingers down over Gin’s back. He revelled in the soft groan his pulled from his captain as he slid his fingers slowly down Gin’s spine.

Smirking against Izuru’s sweat slick skin, Gin took his nipple gently between his teeth, feeling Izuru halt his movements, and tugged. He grinned at the sharp gasp, tugging again to produce an even louder sound before soothing with his tongue, listening to Izuru moan.

“What do you want, Izuru?” Gin asked, sitting up again to look him in the eye, slowly stroking his cock.

“Taichou.” Izuru groaned at the contact, forcing himself to meet that gaze. “I-I want- I want to bring you pleasure.” he breathed. Gin chuckled softly and dipped his head to trace his tongue over a particularly sensitive point on Izuru’s neck before biting hard, almost hard enough to draw blood. Izuru cried out softly at the flash of pain and Gin moved away again without soothing the skin.

“Try again. And tell me the truth this time.” Gin murmured, with an amused smile that told Izuru he wasn’t really in trouble for that.

“I want you to-” He blushed but forced himself to finish the sentence in a whisper, meeting his captain‘s gaze again. “Fuck me. Want you to fuck me.” Oh how his Izuru had had to be coaxed to say that word, with pleasure and pain both, and he still blushed and had to force himself. Gin supposed he had a noble’s upbringing to thank for his adorable lieutenant.

“Tha’s better.” Gin said with a grin, tilting Izuru’s head back to kiss him, slow and barely pushing against him as he ran his fingers along his blonde’s shoulders, checking that the tension had left them. He smirked at Izuru as he finally broke the kiss. “And you don’t hafta call me ‘taichou’ right now, ya know.”

Izuru reddened, though he knew that playful tone. “I want to call you taichou.” he whispered, blushing more as Gin smirked at him. He made no comment, letting Izuru take a breath before trailing kisses just as soft across his jaw to his ear.

“Do you want me to fuck you over the desk?” Gin whispered heatedly. Izuru shivered as Gin’s breath ghosted across his ear, shuddering as his captain licked his earlobe.

“Yes.” he breathed, Gin barely waiting for his answer before pushing the chair back further from the desk. Izuru stood at Gin’s prompting, watching, breathless, as his captain stood with that fluid grace only he seemed to possess and slowly undressed. He let his kosode slip the rest of the way from his shoulders and undid his hakama with unnecessary care, aware of those hungry eyes on him the entire time.

Izuru met his lips in a hard kiss when Gin finally stepped forward, his hands moving slowly over his captain’s chest, exploring familiar territory. Gin hummed happily, curling his tongue around Izuru and teasing lightly before taking his wrist and tugging him around, leaving him bent, breathless, over the desk.

“T-taichou.” Izuru gasped in surprise at the sudden movement, closing his eyes for a moment as he tried to even out his breathing. Gin smirked softly, pressing a little harder on Izuru’s arm caught behind him to hear his breath hitch before he released him.

Stretching his arms a little first, Izuru put his hands on the desk, shifting to a more comfortable position. He could hear Gin moving around behind him, knowing exactly what his captain was shifting things to find.

Gin traced his hands slowly over Izuru’s back, smirking at the way his lieutenant shuddered and tried to arch into the touches, wanting them to be harder. “Patience.” he purred as he uncapped the small bottle, and chuckled at the soft whine that followed; Izuru had called him impatient plenty of times.

Izuru moaned with relief as Gin finally stopped teasing him and pressed a slick finger to him, teasing for a moment longer before slipping inside. “Taichou.” he breathed, almost protesting, at the slow movements, trying to push back on his finger. Gin chuckles again and Izuru blushed, but moaned when Gin slid another finger into him.

His captain was taking his time preparing him, Izuru thought, moaning and trying to encourage him to just fuck him, before Gin’s fingers pressed against him in just the right way. Gin smirked as Izuru almost lost his place on the desk at the hard thrust to his prostate before finally withdrawing his fingers.

Trembling with anticipation, Izuru moved his hands to the edge of the desk for a better grip, glad that he had when Gin slowly began pushing into him. “Gin.” he groaned in frustration.

Gin smirked at finally getting his Izuru to say his name properly, thrusting hard once to test his reaction. He watched closely as Izuru’s fingers tightened their grip until his knuckles went white. Gin leant forward to press against Izuru’s back and returned to slow thrusts.

“That‘s going to hurt.” he said softly, pressing gentle kisses to Izuru’s shoulder at the half-protesting moan he gave at the slowed pace.

It took Izuru a moment to realise what Gin meant and he blushed, turning his head a little to find his gaze. “What if I want it to hurt?” he whispered.

Gin chuckled, grinning as he gently kissed him. “Ya sure are kinky sometimes, Izuru. Ya better hold on tight, in that case.” The whispered words had him blushing further, and Izuru had barely a moment to realise what his captain meant before Gin thrust hard into him.

“Gin!” he cried, clutching hard at the desk to stay in place, the dull throb from his hand only mixing with the pleasure Gin sent coursing through him.

“Tha’s it Izuru,” Gin whispered between deep breaths, holding onto Izuru’s hips as he thrust into him as hard as he could. “Scream my name.”

“G-Gin, I’m- I’m close.” Izuru managed to gasp, holding onto his control by the tips of his fingers. Gin didn’t reply save for a low moan, loosing his grip to reach down and close his hand around Izuru’s cock, stroking quickly. Almost loosing his grip on the desk again, Izuru clung on, crying Gin’s name as he came hard.

Gin grinned to see Izuru arch up beneath him, lasting only a few more thrusts himself before coming into him. Collapsing onto Izuru drew a soft groan from him as he was pressed into the desk, but both did nothing but breath hard for a few moments.

Finally regaining control over himself, Gin stepped back, causing Izuru to protest softly, and slipped his arms beneath his blonde and pulled him back until they both rested in his chair again. Izuru wrapped his arms around Gin, relaxing into his chest, feeling utterly exhausted.

“Ok?” Gin asked softly, nuzzling into the top of Izuru head. Izuru hummed happily at the touch and nodded, pressing harder into his chest.

“Sleepy?” he murmured, just managing to make it into a question.

“A lil’~ Let’s go take a nap.” Gin hummed. Izuru protested weakly when Gin picked him up and dislodged him from his comfortable position but soon settled again when they lay down on the sofa, curling into his captain.

“Door.” Izuru said softly, the thought nagging at him.

“Locked it earlier. S’fine.” Gin assured him, gently stroking his hair.

“’kay.” he yawned, the touches relaxing him again. Izuru shifted a little until his was comfortable and soon gave in to the pull of sleep, his arms wrapped around his captain. Gin continued to pet him for a little while, eyes roving over him as if committing his Izuru to memory before he finally allowed sleep to take him.
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